K&K is a boutique developer of exquisitely designed properties. Established in 2013, this unique company takes its inspiration from the worlds of contemporary fashion and luxury hotels.

Our Executive Director Mr. Kino Law’s father is the founder of K&K, he was a leading fashion entrepreneur in Hong Kong before moving into real estate. He played a vital role in founding and expanding one of Hong Kong’s most renowned fashion brands.

Mr. Kino Law narrated how his father became determined to apply his philosophy of fashion design to Hong Kong’s real estate landscape. His vision was to create buildings that would be more appropriately described as works of art. Under the leadership of Mr. Kino Law, the innovation journey of K&K was started in 2013.

The company's experience operating five-star hotels instilled a passion for perfection in every detail. Owning and operating the luxurious Park Hotels allowed K&K to achieve excellence in customer service. The same spirit imbues our real estate developments; they all offer the five-star comfort our customers so richly deserve.

K&K is committed to revolutionizing the Hong Kong real estate industry, even as it partakes of traditional values of integrity and hard work. Our aim is to become a major presence in Hong Kong property development.

The K&K


  • To become a major developer with a lasting presence in Hong Kong
  • To enhance the skyline of Hong Kong with exquisitely crafted homes


K&K's mission, and our core business, is to achieve excellence in customer satisfaction. We frequently conduct extensive market research to stay ahead of consumer trends, keep up with new technologies, and most importantly, anticipate our customers’ needs.

We do not simply stand by our customers – we walk in their shoes.

Our building designs fulfil current market needs, yet our properties are crafted to stand the test of time.

K&K is a team of creative talents with a passion for inventing unique lifestyle concepts. We are determined to make a lasting contribution to Hong Kong’s real estate sector. K&K team members, each of them individuals with different backgrounds and skills, come together to give birth to new ideas, discover new solutions, and bring new concepts to life in the city’s skyline. Yet in our credo, the most important element of a building is not steel, stone, or glass, but the people who live in it.

People make the difference: extraordinary homes are built through the cooperation and synergy among the right kind of people. That is why, from drawing board to construction site, we maintain close ties with our suppliers, contractors and architects. Watch the skyline: within five to ten years, K&K will have become a prominent brand in real estate development.


As an up-and-coming boutique developer, we are committed to:

  • Build homes of exquisite design and comfort
  • Pushing the boundaries of building design and construction methodology
  • Growing through constantly learning from our customers and the field’s top experts
  • Encouraging creative exchanges amongst employees
  • Giving back to Hong Kong society


K&K shatters the norms that confine the thinking of traditional developers. As a boutique firm, we focus on being accessible, flexible, and accountable. To achieve this we dispense with the bureaucracy that can so often make projects slow and difficult. Having a leaner organization allows us to communicate clearly with our clients, so we can better understand their needs and desires. Before the first line goes on the drawing board, we will have taken pains to understand your thoughts, your lifestyle, and your aspirations.

Why do we go to such lengths to achieve good design at K&K? Because it is only through inspired design that we can make your house truly your home.

Unlike traditional developers, we have no interest in creating soulless skyscrapers. At K&K what brought us to architecture was curiosity and imagination; what makes us successful is innovative thinking. From ground level to rooftop spaces, we reconsider every detail, experiment with every form, play with every shape, and ultimately re-imagine every structure. We simply refuse to be bounded by conventions.


To be truly innovative means never being satisfied with what has already been done, but striving constantly for improvement. At K&K, we handcraft each property in our collection so that it is unique and without parallel. We do this through intensive collaborations with those who supply our construction materials. Our aim is to continually discover, test and employ new materials and the most advanced technologies.

We are not satisfied with merely meeting our customers’ requirements. Instead, we place ourselves on the cutting edge of building science in order to create homes that embody the state of the art, with quality you can depend on.

All materials used in K&K properties must go through a rigorous selection process. Their visual allure, their feel, even their fragrance need to pass the inspection of our experts before they become part of your home. When the right elements have been approved, you can be guaranteed a home crafted with a human touch.


Architectural excellence is the goal of every project we undertake. This pursuit of innovative design manifests itself in the unique architectural style of our developments, which are ideally suited to the creative lifestyle of today’s metropolitan dwellers.

In our effort to gain as much knowledge as possible, we maintain close ties with our customers. It is not enough merely to accept the standards of our era.

At K&K we are committed to moving beyond what is currently available, listening to our residents, understanding their needs, so we can build homes that are tailored to their comfort.


  • Wong Ma Kok Road, Stanley
    Location: Rural Building Lot No. 1201,
    Wong Ma Kok Road, Stanley
    Site Area: 272,329 sq.ft.
    GFA: 226,042 sq.ft.
    Land Price: Around HKD2.8 billion
Founder has over 20 years of experience in real estate investment and development and also re-positioned
some of the finest hotels in Asia. The following are a selection of properties he has co-developed in Asia Pacific:





Founder has over 20 years of experience in real estate investment and development and also re-positioned
some of the finest hotels in Asia. The following are a selection of properties he has co-developed in Asia Pacific:


Founder has over 20 years of experience in real estate investment and development and also re-positioned
some of the finest hotels in Asia. The following are a selection of properties he has co-developed in Asia Pacific:






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